When is the best time to book in with a Professional Photographer?

You have just given birth. She is so precious and beautiful. He is so gorgeous and just perfect.

I believe every parent should own a point and shoot camera and carry it with them always, ready for another first moment or milestone to capture. I also strongly believe that professional photos will be an amazing addition to remembering and capturing those special moments too.

With this in mind and given the economy we are now living in, having a professional photographer can be quite overwhelming and expensive, should you want to capture special moments each day.

However, the artistic talent and quality of professional photographers are amazing and priceless, and there are special times during your baby’s first year that are definitely worth investing in.


If you are still pregnant and haven’t had your beautiful baby bump photographed professionally, please seriously consider it. The beauty of a mummy to be is truly a gift and just a beautiful and special time. The photos will be a great addition to your baby book – celebrating the life of your upcoming baby, from beginning to another new beginning. Click here to view our maternity gallery.

Hospital (New Beginnings)

Ok, you have just had your baby. Do you have a camera? You’re exhausted physically and emotionally and learning all about your new baby. This is a perfect time to capture this new beginning. I will capture your little one while you are in hospital, this is a natural, documentary style session in black and white. I will photograph the little details, your room, your flowers, baby in the crib, or being held by you.

It will be a beautiful record of this very special time, and before you know it, you will be at home. Click here to view our new beginnings gallery.


After the birth of your baby you will undeniably be tired. During your baby’s first week of life, you and your family are going through an enormous adjustment, settling home from your hospital stay. Trying to figure out sleep routines amongst many other things.  During this time, as a parent, we are too tired to truly appreciate the tiny toes and fingers, the wrinkled back and blistered lips. As a professional photographer I will capture all of these tiny details and create some amazing images.

Within the first 10 days it is the most unbelievable time to have your baby photographed professionally. During this time baby is very sleepy and curly allowing baby to be posed comfortably with ease.

Your baby will change so fast, and they will never be this small and new again. Click here to view our newborn gallery.

The 6-9 month sitter session

This is a big milestone, your baby will be reaching for toys, interacting a lot more and laughing and even sitting up!!

This is truly a wonderful age to capture.

If your baby is not at the stage of sitting up on their own, it’s best to wait a couple of weeks..

Safety always comes first and a parent is always required to be by baby’s side.

Click here to view our sitter gallery.

One year +

Your baby is now crawling, standing with help or even walking. And there are teeth, perhaps lots of them!! This is a major milestone, please look back on your previous photos – do you recognise your baby?  Are you not glad you had invested in the previous sessions’?

Celebrating your baby’s first year is major and is a very special time to celebrate every change, every milestone.

You have two options here, doing a traditional first year portrait, utilising props and accessories as well as some of your babys’ favourite outfits.

Or doing a cake smash, this is a fun session as your little one can eat and smash a birthday cake with praise, celebrating their first year of life, and I will capture all of it. The smiles of joy, and clapping of hands and the cream from the cake – so delicious.

The choice is yours, we can do both in one session or you can choose the session that you prefer. Either way, these sessions capture the celebrations of your little ones first year of life.

What next?

What happens after my baby is 1… and on the way to becoming a toddler?

I encourage you to stay connected with your photographer, your photographer has images of your baby at all stages – imagine the collages and storyboards – bump to 1 year and beyond. I believe it important to continue to capture milestones of your toddler/child’s life. Try and do a session every 6 months or a year at least until they reach 3, as this is when they tend to slow down. I then encourage you to photograph yearly with a professional there after. Click here to view our childrens gallery.

I  believe you can never have too many photographs of your children.

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What our clients are saying...


'Gina is a creative and imaginative photographer. She has a beautiful personality and combined with her patience she gets the best out of her subjects - particularly young boys that can't sit still and don't want to be photographed! We were thrilled with the results Gina achieved. Her eye for detail is obvious in her stunning creations. They're works of art that will be treasured for a lifetime.'





'I have used Embellish Photography on a number of occasions. Not only have I found Gina to be incredibly professional and creative, but the quality of the photos and the packages we've received have been of an exemplary level. I have no hesitation in using Embellish Photography for all my future photography requirement and am certain to recommend her services to my friends, family and colleagues.'




'Gina has captured so many precious moments for us from maternity to newborn to sitter sessions. She is calm and patient and is amazing with babies and children. We have the most beautiful memories to cherish forever. Thank you Embellish Photography.'





'We had a wonderful experience with Gina photographing our baby. Our photos are amazing and we love looking at our beautiful family portraits on our wall. Thank you for capturing these special moments for us. We would recommend Gina to everyone we know.'