Welcome to Boudior Portraits

A boudoir session is a fabulous way to celebrate you!!


We will create amazing photographs that capture how beautiful and sexy you are and most of all you will feel empowered and confident in your own skin.

What is Boudior Photography?


Boudoir photography highlights and embraces the intimate and sensual beauty of one’s body.


It's all about celebrating oneself, and the images will make you feel stunning in every way.


Embracing every facet of your personality.







'Boudoir is a French word that refers to a woman’s private dressing room..'

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Who is Boudior Photography for?


Boudoir photography is for everyone.


Perhaps you've suddenly begun to wonder who the actual you is?


You may choose to do Boudoir session to prove to yourself that you are valuable, remarkable, and one-of-a-kind. Or maybe you're just tired with the world and need to unwind and feel absolutely amazing!


Or perhaps you want to be "bad" without anyone noticing.


It's natural to shy away and think you don't have the right body for a Boudoir session as we are always our own worst self critics, please trust me when I tell you that your curves, scars and blemishes tell your own story and a Boudoir session is the perfect session for you.


Boudoir photography sessions can be viewed as a liberating and body-affirming experience.


No matter what reason, you will feel more confident and empowered after your Boudoir session!



What do I wear for a Boudoir session?

It's entirely up to you what you wear for your Boudoir session.


You may already have sexy lingerie in your drawers.


I suggest you spend a little little googling and even check out pinterest to see what type of images you like and get a feel of what you would feel comfortable wearing!


We recommend some of the following is a great starting point:


One piece sets - bodysuit, slip dress or a teddy


Two piece sets - bra and knickers, garter belt set, skirt and bra


If you want to cover up a little you can add a silk shawl, open shirt or jacket.


Pricing starts from $695

Contact us to arrange your Boudoir Session..

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